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Getting To Know Berg And Harberts

There are now a lot of famous writers in the entertainment industry but it is hard to not notice the remarkable executive producers of Star Trek Aaron Harberts and Gretchen Berg. But do you know how these two started their writing career?

Aaron Harberts is one of the most promising lads in the entertainment industry these days as he has been doing a lot of projects lately. But even though he is already rising to his popularity nowadays, do you know that he started a humble beginning? Even back in the day, Harberts already has a writer’s mind as he loved to create stories in his mind. He grew up in a small town in Iowa and he is a son of a Presbyterian Minister.

During his father’s church sermons, the young Aaron wasn’t fond of listening to them so he ended up daydreaming about a lot of things that would later on awaken his creativity. Even when he was still very young, Harberts loved to escape reality and imagine worlds on his own mind and he later on write them down. Unknown to him, it was actually the time the writer in him was born. These days, Harberts has already produced a lot of works that were all good pieces and this is one of the main reasons why he is considered as one of the most promising writers and showrunners in the entertainment industry.

When Harberts pushed through his studies, he then met his creative counterpart and ever reliable writing partner Gretchen Berg who has also done various projects with him. Berg was also the type of person who loves to create screenplays and apply her creative ideas in her writing but she had a rough start in her career. She was a huge fan of working solo in the comedy genre until a few of her projects went down so she decided that she should refer to her good friend Harberts to help her with putting off her ideas. When they first started with their first comedy screenplay together, the result was not that good so they ended up burning it down. Yet as time goes by, these two started to figure out things so they worked more on other genres such as drama and science fiction.

After a few good projects, Harberts and Berg finally succeeded in establishing their own empire in the entertainment industry. After Mercy and revenge, these two have been working on various projects that have all been good hits. Their latest project was Star Trek’s new reboot which is obviously a big hit. Yet even though these two are now known worldwide as the famous executive producers of Star Trek, there are still a whole lot more to expect from them. Click here now to learn more about Harberts and Berg.

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