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The Role of a General Contractor

The function of a general contractor is to oversee the construction of a building project and acts as the manager of the construction site. The construction industry has faced a rapid growth due to the population influx that demands more housing. This has then lead to increased demand for general contractors to overview the project so as to make sure that they are built to standards. The education sector has made some inventions in courses which purposely train individuals on how to become general contractors. These general contractors have faced acceptance in the society as prospective investors now see it necessary to always have someone on the ground to coordinate the project. The functions performed by a general contractor are outlined here.

Interacting with others is among the functions of a general contractor. In a project there is usually various personnel who have different set skills in making sure that the project is completed in a good manner. This personnel include engineers and architects who contribute a large part in the project. Therefore a person is needed to interact with this personnel so as to share the information that may be needed in the project. A general contractor does all the hiring functions of the workers required in these building sites and tells them what to do and where to work.

It is the work of a general contractor to ensure compliance of a project. In every project there are set standards that should be met so as to ensure the safety of the project. These standards are regulated by government agencies and any violation of the standards can prompt to demolition and heavy fines or both. The general contractor is usually obligated to always ensure that the building project follows the set standards.

A general contractor also has the responsibility of responding to any emergencies that may arise in the process of work in the project. When the general contractor is in training they are equipped with necessary emergency skills that can use in case these events occur. There are emergency situations such as harm to a worker or failure of an important machine that requires the emergency response skills of a general contractor. It is the work of the general contractor to always see that these situations are handled in the most appropriate way possible.

The materials required in a construction site are provided by a general contractor who makes the decision of where to buy them from. The bringing of building materials to a construction site is the work of a general contractor. They are responsible for the quality of materials brought by these subcontractors of there choice as they are the ones trusted to find a reliable source.

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