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Factors in Manufacturing

In the nineteen century, when the phenomenon known as the industrial revolution was swiping across, one of the standouts about it was manufacturing. What this resulted into was, taking materials in their raw form and then changing them to a form that is more useful for the use by other people. In order for the manufacturing of products to happen, the mass labor needed for manufacturing was an aid with the use of machines.

Over time the manufacturing process has evolved to meant certain market needs. This means that different manufacturing process exist which can further be categories into three. The first class we will look at is the Make To Stock, MTS class. In this class of manufacture, the reasoning behind its manufacturing process is that products are put in stock once manufactured. This means that the basis of production is done on the prediction of the market needs. The second class of manufacturing process is MTO or rather Make To Order. This process of manufacture is implemented by first making sure that orders are known for a given product and only then can manufacturing process proceed. It resulted in first of all there being a given number of orders for a given product for the manufacturing of that product to take place. The last class that there is the Make To Assemble or MTA class. This form of manufacturing takes into account that they will be a need for the given products hence their production and this is more commonly in the assembly market.

When it comes to manufacturing, it a collection of the various processes which makes it a complex affair. Due to the complex nature that is manufacturing, a great deal is done to ensure that all the factors in play are maintained in an equilibrium state for successful manufacturing. Raw materials are the start point of any form of manufacturing. What this clarifies, is that in order for market orders to be satisfied, then a manufacturing company needs to have enough raw materials to meet the orders. One way that this can be made possible is by ensuring that the supply chain for the raw materials is maintained. This can be ensured by providing suitable transportation such that the factors like weather or distances do not hamper access to the materials needed for production.

One vital important thing that is a huge factor when it comes to manufacturing is the choice of equipment that is used by the manufacturer. So as to be able to produce the units needed in any particular market, then having the right machinery will make it possible. In order to be efficient in the production process, a manufacturer needs to have the right tools. This in turns leads to the manufacturer excising quality control over their manufacturing process as just meeting demand is not sufficient.

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Experts Tips for The Average Joe