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How to Achieve Maximum Success with Autism

How ABA is Shaping the Minds of Autistics?

For numerous years, Applied Behavior Analysis or otherwise known as ABA has been the top choice among professionals for treating children with autism spectrum disorder. With ABA therapy, it is teaching children to learn and think and helps in fostering positive behavior without punishing them for their negative behavior. When doing initial assessments and studies about ABA therapy, there are numerous parents who are turned off by this idea.

It is because that, they thought that their kids are taught to have robot-like imitations of movements or words. But something that parents are actually missing is that, the treatment for autism is not an overnight procedure, it’s a process and the robotic responses they see play a big role for the child’s critical and independent thinking. Putting a normal person to learn a new language is one way to have better understanding of ABA principles.

Before you start to learn how to use grammatical structure and put sentences together, you should spend big amount of your time in repeating new words. At first, your intonations are going to be like a robot but as you are devoting more of your energy and time in learning these words along with their meanings, you soon are able to understand the language, develop the ability to use the words and make sentences as well as paragraphs with it.

Now, let’s translate it to ABA to which it is fairly similar when studying new language. To the brain of an autistic child, constantly repeating commands and words as well are crucial for it practices their mind to understand its meanings. Through this, they will be able to think critically, independently and at the same time, understand broader concepts. As the words for sky and water too are repeatable, it will take understanding of both prior to knowing the concept of raining.

For kids who have autism spectrum disorder, this level of understanding first come from practicing repetition until the time comes when the basic principles are understood. It’s a fact that there are a lot of parents who are conscious with the teaching methods for ABA but if you’d ask those who’ve experienced and saw it, you’ll realize why it is important.

ABA is created to assist children to reach their full potential of learning as well as functioning both in the society and classroom. Believe it or not, there are countless of children who are developing normal or at least, near normal cognitive functioning by enrolling in intensive ABA therapy. There have been a number of children who got better with this. After all, ABA therapy is focused on assisting kids understand basic commands, concepts and language.

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