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The Importance of Equal Legislative Representation

People that are operating under a system of governance will thrive only if their interests are well represented. To establish a connection between leadership and the citizens, the latter have to participate in the way they are governed. Equal representation ensures that different genders and people of minorities enjoy equal rights and opportunities. When different people with varying defining aspects exercise understanding and empathy for each other from leadership to the citizens, the society will make progress that reflects equity. An authority that recognizes public participation must have ways of bringing people in, but with technology an continued interest of people in the issues that are affecting them people have found more ways to make sure they are heard.

When there is equal representation of all being governed some benefits come as a result.Putting the benefits into categories are not that easy because they cut across many aspects of people’s lives. Every democratically elected authority that is working towards sustainable developments has to factor in the involvement of all stakeholders every step of the way. In every community conflict can’t be avoided but that is not abnormal, equal public participation in debate and handling conflict makes the process more efficient.

Development projects will register success when the people they are targeting are involved in conception to the implementation. Project opposition is to be expected in democratic environments where equal representation has not been factored in. If the decisions making process will have all people equally represented, making alterations to what is arrived at will be easy in comparison to later in the process when it costs money and time for even small decisions.

Different groups of people have different issues that make them unique hence the need for equal representation, this process might even reveal some hidden issues. Environmental issues are among the most critical and people will be looking to see that they are living under authorities that value both the environment and them as well. Environmental parties need to have their place in the public debate and more importantly in decision making of such issues.

The government that is democratically elected needs to serve all people and not exercise favor to those that voted their way only. Its not news therefore to come across organizations that are working to build support and grow their networks in effecting changes to have governance they envision. The organizations are very vocal and will even endorse their preferred candidates in the primaries and fund campaigns. Having won the primaries it will be easier to have success at the nationals. Without voters there is no democratic process, the organizations therefore work to ensure that they are reminded of how important their role is and this may be done at personal levels.

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