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Benefits of the Home Sleep Study

You may be wondering of the best test option to test if you have sleep apnea. The home sleep study will reveal more information about your condition when you choose it as the diagnosis method for your sleep apnea testing. There are many benefits that are related to a home sleep study. It will be more comfortable and convenient when you decide to choose the home sleep study. Compared to the sleep test done in the sleep labs, you will find the home sleep study just as effective. You should never be worried about the sleep test that you should choose. In-lab sleep test and the home sleep study are the two options that you will have. here in this article, you will be sure to find the advantages why you should choose the home sleep study for the diagnosis of your sleep apnea.

There are comfort and convenience that will make you choose the home sleep study. Sleeping on a different bed that you are not used to can sometimes be uncomfortable. You can as well find it unsettling and scared when you have a doctor monitoring you when you sleep. When you can perform the sleep test on your bed that you sleep daily, then you will feel more comfortable. Since you will be maintaining the bedtime with the home sleep study, you will find it less intrusive. It will also be good when you choose the home sleep study for the elderly, or the patient who is suffering from chronic diseases.

The home sleep study will be convenient to you when you are a busy person. You will then choose the time that will be convenient to you, so that you can perform the sleep test. You will maintain the usual bedtime when you perform the home sleep study.

There is also cost and insurance coverage. Besides being convenient, the home sleep study is also cheap. Compared to the test that is performed at the sleep center, you will find the home sleep study just a quarter of it. Most insurance companies will insure the home sleep study. You can then check with your insurance company if they provide full or partial coverage for the procedure. To get the coverage, you will need to have a doctor’s referral, prior consultation with a sleep specialist as well as the symptoms of the sleep apnea. The excessive sleepiness, nighttime gasping, loud snoring or chocking are some of the symptoms of sleep apnea.

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