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Passport Application Essentials Worth Noting

Traveling is an activity that all people can benefit from. While most people only travel locally, some people want to travel abroad or out of the country. If the latter is the case for you, you need to secure proper travel documents to go outside o the country. Often, applying for a passport is something that you should do to get approval to travel to other countries of the world. Every citizen is required to get their passports for travel purposes whether they are underage or already grown up. However, the application process for those who are below the age of 16 is different from that of citizens beyond the age of 16.

Applying for a new passport is vital for people who have never tried having this travel document in their lives. People who have been issued a passport when they were below 16 years of age should also apply for a new passport. Passports are only valid for 15 years. When this period is up, the passport holder should apply for passport renewal. In case you lost your passport or damaged it or someone else has stolen it, you should apply for a new one too. If you plan to change your name on your passport due to marriage or using back your maiden name, you need to file for changes. Doing this process guarantees that your passport and other personal documents have the same name.

When you apply for a passport, you need to provide proof of citizenship. This proof may come in the form of your birth certificate, a certificate of naturalization, a citizen certificate, a birth report if you’ve been born abroad, or an undamaged passport. If the passport agent doubts any of the documents you have submitted, they may ask for more documentation as proof.

You need to fill out your passport application form with the most accurate information. Your passport will not be signed if there is no representative agent present from the passport facility. In short, there should not be any signing before you go and visit the issuance facility. Only after visiting the facility can you sign your passport with the presence of an authorized agent by your side.

For your passport photos, make sure to submit two identical colored two-by-two-inch photos along with your application form. Make sure that your passport photos are taken within six months of submission of your passport application. You must wear casual attire only. Your face should be in full view with a white or off-white background. The distance from the bottom of your chin to the top portion of your head should be from an inch to an inch and three-eighths. You should not wear any headgear for your passport photos. If you are using a hearing aid or prescription glasses, you should wear them.

The application process varies from country to country. There are instances where you can apply through mail or online application filing. These instances are when you are applying for a passport name change or a passport renewal. Nonetheless, filing in person is still the best method because it means that you are confident that all documents you’ve submitted are appropriate. Also, this guarantees that you have not missed any information on your application that may delay the approval process.

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